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Congratulations!  English e-Bookland Open!

Welcome to New English e-Bookland
Come Everybody from the World to Publish e-Books!

e-Bookland is a Dreamland for You!
Please visit and Write and Publish a e-Book!
Here, you will find everything you need.
Already many authors has published original e-Books in Japan.

If you can not find your dream, then it’s your turn to write by yourself and offer for the worldwide readers.
You can write as you wish and publish when you want.

That’s e-Bookland Style!

Enjoy e-Bookland!
It is a new type Publishing House of Internet Era, born in Tokyo ten years ago.
We help and offer you everything for easy and reasonable low price e-Book publication.
As you know e-Book is economical & ecological, friendly to the Earth.
Also we have translation service, which offers you quick and low price translation covering almost 40 languages of the world.
So, for example, if you are Japanese and have a story, you will be able to  publish it in Japanese and English at the same time!

Please enjoy Dreamland e-Bookland from now on and forever!


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