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Title Japanese Scenario 27
Author SAKUMA Katsuhiko SEKI Kaoru ORIHARA Maki
Genre Studyig & Workbooks 学習参考書
Key Words Japanese、Language、Learning、Nihongo、Japan、日本語、にほんご
Pages 170
e-Bookland eブックランド社
Price without Tax ¥425
Tax ¥31
Book ID EBLEM1409120
Format PDF
Author's Profile
SAKUMA Katsuhiko
SEKI Kaoru
"This Japanese language textbook has been written by Japanese University Professors of Education and is part of the curriculum at Sacred Heart University, Ebisu Tokyo. It is an entry level textbook and it allows students to focus on learning how to speak Japanese through various real life scenarios. The textbook contains minimal grammar focus and instructs using real life examples of daily life conversations."



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