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Title "The Phantom Butterfly ""Bremeri Aino"""
Author Tatsu HATAMURA
Genre Fiction Japanese literature
Key Words Butterfly、Collector、Entomology、Parnassius、Snowy valley、Specimen
Pages 96
e-Bookland eブックランド社
Price without Tax ¥300
Tax ¥22
Book ID EBLS15010103
Format PDF
Author's Profile
Born in Japan 1926.
Kyushu University leaving school in midcourse.
Employment record : a high school teacher, a librarian and a staff of natioal university.
A member of The Japan Writers' Association.
    Blog: http://ginpaku25.blog112.fc2.com/"
"Searching for the phantom butterfly, the old man finally finds it in a snowy mountain valley.
But once again he buries it in darkness ……"



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